Report Issues

Please report issues to

  • Use the word Defect in subject line.

  • Include FireVoxel build number in your report. Look up the build number using Help > About this Application.

  • Describe the issue as a sequence of action steps and list all commands and interface elements used (see Sample Defect Report). Make your report clear, simple, and brief.

  • If possible, attach a sample of your data (DICOM folder as *.zip or FireVoxel document as *.fvx).

  • Use screeshots sparingly and only if they help to explain the defect.

Sample Defect Report

Subject: Defect: Build 365A - ROI Stats 4D > Conversion > Copy and Save return zero concentration

Description: In ROI Stats 4D, Copy or Save commands return columns of zero values when copying or saving contrast concentration obtained from DCE MRI signal.


  1. Open FireVoxel build 365A.

  2. Load DCE MRI series.

  3. Define a raster ROI (manually or using an ROI-generating command, such as IDIF).

  4. Open Layer Control. Keep the ROI layer active.

  5. Click ROI Stats 4D.

  6. On ROI Stats 4D dialog, click Concentration, enter parameters, click OK.

  7. On ROI Stats 4D dialog, click Copy to clipboard OR Save. Paste data into Excel or save as .txt. The first time either Copy or Save is used, the command works correctly. The output contains (time)-(concentration)-(volume) columns.

  8. Use Copy or Save again. The resulting concentration column is filled with zeros. Subsequent attempts to use Copy or Save result in zero concentration column.

  9. Close ROI Stats 4D and then repeat steps 5-7. Copy and Save work correctly, but only the first time they are used. Again, subsequent use of Copy or Save produces zero concentration column.