3. Help

This section describes the commands under the main menu’s Help tab, which provides access to basic diagnostic information about the computer and FireVoxel installation. When images are open in FireVoxel, this tab also contains the Test operations for pre-release software testing.

3.1. About this Application

Shows dialog with build number, release date, version expiration date, copyright information, contact information for license requests and support, allocated memory and disclaimer, as well as web addresses of FireVoxel’s main website, development blog, and LinkedIn group (Fig. 3.1).

About FireVoxel panel

Fig. 3.1 About FireVoxel.

3.2. Display current UI configuration

Shows dialog with a snapshot of default folders and current options (Fig. 3.2).

3.3. CPU Info

Shows dialog with information about the computer CPU type and speed and other parameters (Fig. 3.3).

3.4. Test (with images only)

  • LOCOI compress

  • EquiNet: Denoise Volume

  • Compress Volume EquiNet

  • Compress Volume NLM

  • Ynet Compression

  • Trivial interslice compression

3.5. Memory Leak Report (without images)

Display current UI configuration

Fig. 3.2 Display current UI configuration.

Display CPU info

Fig. 3.3 Display CPU info.