4. File and Data Types

4.1. File types

FireVoxel operates with the following data types:

  • 3D images (volumes) created by MRI, CT, PET, SPECT, and ultrasound

  • 4D datasets, typically dynamic series of 3D volumes

  • 3D or 4D regions of interest (ROIs)

  • Vector ROIs and vector contours.

The following file types can be opened (and saved) in FireVoxel:

  • FireVoxel documents (.fvx)

  • DICOM files and directories (.dcm, .ima, etc.)

  • Midas, ANALYZE, NIfTI, FreeSurfer, and RAW 4D files (\*.im, \*.img, \*.nii, \*.nia, \*.nii.gz, \*.mgh, \*.mgz, \*.time).

The following files may also be created by FireVoxel’s commands (and can be opened by text editors):

  • .vroi

  • .vtf

  • .txt files (stats, TAC, radiomics)