25. Segmentation 4D

25.1. About 4D Segmentation


25.2. 4D Segmentation [Group]

25.2.1. 4D: Dynamic Multi-Agent Clustering (DMAC)

25.2.2. 4D: Multi-seed nearest within Radius

25.2.3. 4D: Multi-seed nearest within DAC threshold

Opens dialog Specify Segmentation distance threshold [0,1]. Requires touchup

25.2.4. 4D: Multi-seed segmentation in Real Time (currently unavailable)

25.2.5. 4D: Dynamic Clustering

Requires two raster layers. Otherwise error: “Exactly two raster layers should be present.”

25.2.6. 4D: Blood Vessel Map

Requires a dynamic (4D) image and a 3D ROI. Does not have configurable parameters. Creates new ROI layers labeled blood vessel or Organ, with segmented areas identified based on their enhancement characteristics. IS THIS CORRECT?