6. Toolbar

The visibility of the main toolbar (Fig. 6.1) is toggled on and off using View > Show Main Toolbar.

By default, the main toolbar is docked on the right-hand side. To select a different toolbar docking placement, use File > User Interface Options > Main Toolbar Alignment.

The toolbar can be undocked by hovering the mouse at its top or side edge (cursor becomes a 4-arrow cross), clicking it and dragging the toolbar to a new position. An undocked toolbar can be positioned anywhere in the software window or even outside.

To dock the toolbar, double-click its blue title bar.

Main toolbar

Fig. 6.1 Main toolbar.

Each icon on the toolbar launches an individual tool. Almost all of these tools duplicate commands that are also available via the main menu. To exit from the tools, press Esc (e.g., Zoom) or close the tool’s dialog (e.g., Calculate Parameter Map or EdgeWave).