2. Basics

2.1. System requirements to run FireVoxel

FireVoxel runs on 64-bit versions of Windows (Windows 7 and newer). Windows XP and 32-bit Windows are no longer supported. Mac and Linux are not supported.

FireVoxel requires two Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable packages for Visual Studio. Both of these packages are necessary.

To check whether they are already installed on your computer, go to Windows Control Panel > Programs and Features and look for these packages on the list of currently installed programs. These packages can be accessed via Microsoft Visual C++ support page and installed anywhere on your computer:

2.2. Installation

FireVoxel is downloaded as compressed (.zip) folder labeled with the build number (e.g., FvxBuild350.zip). The contents of the file must be extracted to a folder named FireVoxel. The software should not be installed in the Program Files folder, because Windows protection of Program Files may prevent FireVoxel from accessing its Temp subfolder.

2.3. Activation

A small file named FireVoxel.key must be individually obtained, as described on FireVoxel website). This procedure helps to ensure proper use of the software and prevent its unauthorized copying and commercialization. Granting the license key is solely at the discretion of the FireVoxel team.

The license key is unique for a specific computer. If a user who already has a license key installs FireVoxel on another computer, the user must obtain a new license for this new installation.